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Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz

Co-Founder, CEO

professional experience

Experience in sales started early in life; being the son of immigrant parents from Armenia and Poland, I was essentially teaching my parents English while learning it myself. In order to teach, one must first listen and then explain, this is when I realized my passion for sales as I was able to connect different people from different backgrounds, all with a variety of expectations.

After graduating UCSB with a bachelors in Global & International Studies, I put in time and hard work at companies like ZipRecruiter and IBISWorld, learning more and more about business development and market research. I was able to learn the importance of data in today's world and how critical independent third party research can be to a business. I also learned the value of continued enrichment. I had always known I wanted to be my own boss and create something of my own, and after seeing how the companies I worked at did things well, and how they fell short, I began formulating the plans for The Business Agency. TBA was born from my natural passion for helping others elevate their ideas, and seeing them succeed.

why i love working with tba

"I love the fact that our open approach to projects allows us to wear multiple hats at all times, we encourage one another to alternate between tasks and projects that excite us and therefore, the team is consistently engaged preventing burnout and ensuring continued innovation for our clients. I’ve worked in past positions where I was siloed off and only handled a few duties, TBA is unique in that everyone is invited to the party, and our clients benefit from the melting pot of fresh ideas and value that we bring to the table."


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We are a team of creatives driven by passion and ambition.

Our core team works together on every engagement as one well-oiled machine. We prioritize keeping our team lean so we remain agile.