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Alisha Rosen

Alisha Rosen

Creative Director

professional experience

In some form or another I've been creating digital products since I was a teenager - but a lot of tech has changed and improved since then. I keep up with the latest and greatest technology that I think will best help my clients. I try to always be sharpening my skills and expanding my toolbox. Every struggle I go through, every new software or type of project I learn - it comes with me and improves my future work. I never let a challenge go by without reaping the benefits of what I learn and applying them to the next project that comes my way.

My technical art background has given me years of enjoyable experience with Adobe products and the ability to pick up new programs like Webflow, which I'm in love with. In my previous 3D Modeling career, I swam through highly complex, powerful tools like Maya and Zbrush and have always gotten very passionate about well designed software.

Now I try to create websites that wow as much as any piece of software I love.

why i love working with tba

"I love working with TBA because we take care of each other as well as we take care of our clients. We all feel involved, equally valued and like we are a meaningful part of the team. Everyone is willing to share their knowledge, and when we get the time, we seek to improve ourselves and our skill sets. We pick up the slack for each other and have really created a great, safe workspace for everyone to share their opinions and be heard. Our clients substantially benefit from our aligned approach. As a professional women, I've never felt as respected and valued as when I'm working with these fantastic men."


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We are a team of creatives driven by passion and ambition.

Our core team works together on every engagement as one well-oiled machine. We prioritize keeping our team lean so we remain agile.