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John Jenkins

John Jenkins

Co-Founder, CEO

professional experience

Keep it movin’ – Having been born and raised in Northern Virginia, graduating from Ohio University, and spending 7 years in both Chicago and Los Angeles, only the future holds where I’ll go to next. After cutting my sales and business development teeth for more than decade in highly competitive corporate and startup environments, my skills were honed, and timing aligned to help me make good on a lifelong entrepreneurial goal. From shoveling driveways and mowing lawns, walking dogs and housesitting as a 10-year-old, to reselling college textbooks (with dial-up no less!) to pay tuition, I’ve always had the inkling to “do my own thing.” However, I recalled the biggest lesson I learned back as a25-year-old that came from my mentor: “Don’t do it alone. Partner with people, and you’ll go much further, much faster.” So, before the birth of my first child Ronan, that’s exactly what I did. While three years of fires, earthquakes and now the pandemic have certainly caused unforeseen challenges, I am proud to be a part of a steadily growing, family-oriented and resilient team that has continuously been able to outperform competing agencies and overdeliver for our clients –and I could not be prouder of our resolve.

Being in Pacific Palisades, every day, I make time to run my golden retriever Rooney and enjoy being a “Present Parent” for my 2-year-old son Ronan while cherishing life with Anita, mama to RJ and my wife of 10+ years.

why i love working with tba

“Try. Try again... What makes me proud to work at TBA is that, under duress, our growing team has managed to persevere against a stacked deck. Rebranding amidst the Woolsey Fire in 2018, getting hit with the 2019 fires, and now threatened with the ongoing 2020 Pandemic, our team has had the fortitude to “fail fast” and has found ways to successfully and consistently exceed client expectation. I’m proud of our team’s grit, resilience, and competence.”


The rest of our team

We are a team of creatives driven by passion and ambition.

Our core team works together on every engagement as one well-oiled machine. We prioritize keeping our team lean so we remain agile.